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Exploring the road less travelled: Four unconventional uses of Data Science

unconventional uses of data science

Nabeel Moosajee
17 March 2021

In today’s post, we’ll be exploring four unconventional uses of data science! Data is the world’s most powerful, flourishing unnatural asset – collected in large part as the result of routine tasks, it is the unsalted, flavourless residue deposited all together as organizations churn away. Surprise! This heap of refuse is inherently predictive – Consequently, begins a gold rush to dig up insightful gems.

“It’s funny to say that big data resembles submitting tax returns with SARS. Everybody discusses it, no one truly knows how to do it, everybody thinks every other person is doing it, so everybody claims they are doing it.”
– Nabeel Moosajee

Have you ever thought about how eBay and Amazon recommend items for you to purchase? How Gmail channels your emails in the spam and non-spam classes? The way Netflix predicts the shows of your preference?

How would they do it? These are the questions we consider occasionally. As a general rule, doing such tasks is impossible without the availability of data. Data science is all about utilizing information to tackle issues. In addition, the issue could be related to the decision-making process, for example, recognizing which email is spam and which isn’t. On the other hand, a media suggestion, for example, which movie to watch? Or then again anticipating the result, for example, who will be the following President of the USA? Along these lines, the center occupation of data science is to comprehend the data, extricate valuable information out of it and apply this in tackling the issues.

Here are four unconventional uses of data science:

When you think about Data Science, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It is usually all about algorithms, programming, mathematics, statistics, recommendations, e-mail sorting and more –

So, are you excited to embrace the new world of data science by exploring the road less travelled?

Concerned Parent: if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow them?
Machine Learning Algorithm: yes.

Data Science

1. Generate new people who don’t exist! (Generative Adversarial Networks at Play)

The creativity involved in GANs application is just fabulous. It creates synthetic instances and gives you faces of people who don’t exist at all! Each time you run the model; it generates a unique face – a human photo that is dreamt up by the computer code. However, the application is not for the purpose of branding. It merely reflects a face that has never existed before. Still don’t believe it? Click the button below.

The person does not exist

So, if you are worried about your future and want to dig deep into it, then you can train your own GAN model. Pull up your socks to create awareness of how far technology has advanced and get ready to generate something as cool as the GAN application.

2. Data Science is making Us Dazzle with Ultra Stylish Clothes!

I never thought I would observe something like this – an AI model designing clothes a whole lot better compared to designers! The response of individuals, when requested to think about an AI-planned dress against a human-planned dress, was epic!

Data Science

Emily Salvador models her company’s AI-generated dresses.

3. Who is your pick for the best entertainer at this year Oscar’s?

Regularly we can figure the inevitable winner by consolidating our instinct with the force of the media gossip plant. However, there is a significant issue there – our picks can be vigorously one-sided, dependent on our own inclinations and watching history. 

Where there is a speculating or a guessing game – there is data science! You may believe it’s strange, however, but AI had a noteworthy 94 percent score in anticipating last year’s Oscar winners. In addition, the AI beat industry specialists’ predictions for the third year in a row!

4. You can Have a Good Laugh with AI-Powered ‘LOL BOT’!

Presently we have a robot who can make us chuckle – in a real sense! By far it has been discovered to be the most unusual application of data science as you could never anticipate that a bot could make you giggle. Check out Google’s LOL Bot here!

How do we use data science?

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As we have seen some of the ways in which Data Science has tapped into a world unexplored –Tell us about your data and we can do the same.

Let us create awesome things, together.

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