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Join our team of diverse innovators and problem solvers. Integrove hires people who are passionate about integration, technology and innovation. We are always looking for and offering opportunities in a fast-paced work environment that will test and develop the individual’s thinking, technical and problem-solving abilities.

Joining our team at Integrove means:

  • You’ll be working in a challenging, fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Innovative and engaging work will form part of everyday life
  • You’ll peruse continuous improvement by expanding your knowledge and skills
  • You will fit into a vibrant, stimulating and open culture
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Join Our Team

We offer all our employees the opportunity to upskill and hone their craft. We value a go-getter attitude and our innovation lab is available for everyone to test out their ideas.

The perks of working at Integrove include a daily lunch allowance, hybrid working, internet allowance, rewards program, and more. We have a global presence with opportunities all over the world.

We believe in work hard, play hard. Our sports clubs always need new members, and our office is a great place to hang out. Come play a game of pool or join in on games night!

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Cloud and Data Analytics

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The Integrove internship program offers interns opportunities in a fast-paced work environment that will test and develop thinking, technical and problem-solving abilities. The intern will work on-site with a team that will assist and guide us in solving problems and successfully delivering solutions to our clients. This is a paid internship with a flexible work schedule and support to help receive the much-needed work experience in an ever-growing industry.

Internship Program

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UI/UX Design Trends & How to Use Them

User Experience and User Interface design trends change every year. Some trends build on top of one another, some are the opposite of previous trends, and some trends become timeless methodologies that are looked at over and over again. As designers, we look towards these trends for inspiration. Therefore, we must know how to use these trends to improve what we design.

How AI is Improving Cancer Diagnostics

Today AI and machine learning are unlocking new and improved methods of discovering and treating cancer. In this post, we’ll be discussing how AI is improving cancer diagnostics.

The Integration of AI and SaaS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has yet to reach its full potential in numerous industries. In this post, one of our data scientists tackles the integration of AI and SaaS. 

Digital Technologies that Improve Mining Safety

While mining companies have made great strides to improve their overall health and safety, material unwanted events still occur. It has become imperative to reiterate the importance of critical controls and the digital technologies that improve mining safety.