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Integrove About Us

Founded in 2013, Integrove specializes in bespoke digital solutions. You can depend on our years of experience across multiple industries and geographies to deliver scalable, world-class digital solutions that will streamline your business process, enhance your efficiency and drive real business value through the use of technology.

We work closely with all our clients to determine their individual technology needs. We do not believe in a “one-size fits all”. That is why our customisable solutions are ideal for the unique problems you might face. You can rely on our skilful and professional team, spanning multiple technology disciplines, to successfully deliver end-to-end solutions in an integrated and agile manner.

Let us help you reimagine your business with the latest digital technologies to get ahead of the curve and move your business forward.

We drive innovation with our clients through a journey of rethinking the art of the possible, using transformative digital technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. We help our clients reimagine how they do things by applying the latest digital technologies in order to transform and move their business forward.

BEE Certification

Level 4 BEE certified
We are a 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition, empowering supplier

Meet the Management Team

Costa Caravotas-Managing Director
Costa Caravotas
Managing Director
Dries van Jaarsveld-Director & CTO
Dries van Jaarsveld
Director & Head of Technology
Integrove About Us: Pretesh Chhiba-Director & HR
Pretesh Chhiba
Director & Head of People
Integrove About Us: Christopher Johnson - Head of Process & Delivery
Christopher Johnson
Head of Process & Design
Danie Roodt-Head of Cloud & Data Analytics
Danie Roodt
Head of Data Analytics
Integrove About Us: Aston Motsau-Head of Applications
Aston Motsau
Head of Application Development
Wanda Shingange-Head of Integration
Wanda Shingange
Head of Integration

Integrove About Us: Jehane Marais-Head of Partners, Products and Support
Jehane Marais
Head of Operations
Nakita Sukhessan
Head of Managed Services & Training
Rory McCrindle
Head of Technology Consulting & Cloud
Leatitia Smits
Head of Marketing & Employee Enablement
Gia Monzeglio
Human Resource Manager
Integrove About Us

Our Corporate DNA

  • Autonomy and Attitude: We’re a team of self-starters, everyone is empowered to own their work and take pride in what they deliver. A positive attitude keeps us moving forward and building strong relationships with our fellow team members.
  • Upskill and Collaborate: We have an appetite for continuous learning to expand our capabilities. Through open communication and teamwork, we achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Own it: We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad, we don’t pass the buck. When we see a problem, we move to solve it.
  • Think Big: We encourage our team to drive innovation through a journey of rethinking the art of the possible in order to better meet the needs of our clients.
  • Do the Right Thing: We act with honesty, integrity and respect, treating our clients and fellow team members how we ourselves would want to be treated.

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