5 Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support

benefits of outsourcing application support

Nakita Sukhessan
7 May 2021

In today’s digital age with increasing competition and ever-changing landscapes, the benefits of outsourcing application support are undeniable.

With mobile solutions becoming increasingly important for digital operational efforts, most major organisations have an in-house application development team. However, managing and supporting these applications can be an all-consuming job that takes time away from more strategic business operations. While having an in-house application development team can be useful, outsourcing some responsibilities will allow your employees to focus on core strategic initiatives.

Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing application support:

Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support

1. Specialised Technical Expertise

Don’t compromise on key technical expertise due to long-term costs. Outsourcing gives you the ability to draw on specialised technical resources when you need them without the hassle of hiring and long-term commitments. By partnering with Integrove we will ensure your IT needs are met. Regardless of employee turnover or staff absences, we ensure continuous support. We will apply our expertise gained over many industries and clients to ensure your systems are fully operational and that you reap all of the benefits of outsourcing application support.

2. Maximin Flexibility

Don’t change the goal, change the team. New technologies or architectural changes are often overlooked due to the expertise or capacity of the current team. Outsourcing will allow you the flexibility of supporting both old and new technologies, as well as increased team capacity at times of need. A single point of contact from your organisation can oversee the outsourced tasks to their finish line. That way you also retain sufficient control over both the process and outcome. By partnering with Integrove we will allow you to keep up with varying priorities and manage your needs effectively.

3. Increased internal capacity

Don’t get caught in the whirlwind of an ever-changing tech landscape, focus on what you do best. Strategic goals are often not accomplished due to operational fires stealing the focus of the staff. It’s difficult for internal staff to focus on specific items when they are responsible for existing tasks and providing application support. Most of the time a priority one incident will take precedence. This causes your internal staff to lose focus on your strategic initiative. This reduces efficiency and increases time to realise your strategic initiative. By partnering with Integrove we will allow you to focus on building your business’s future while we keep the lights on.

4. Improved application performance

With a team strictly dedicated to application support, you will have shorter turnaround times for resolving incidents. There is also the added opportunity to regularly review and improve upon your existing applications to continually enhance your operations. Small enhancements and changes can fall to the wayside with in-house teams as they attempt to manage small but necessary tasks and larger-scale operational projects. Outsourcing your application development and support shifts these tasks to another team that can dedicate all their time to develop your applications for optimal performance continually. By partnering with Integrove we will ensure you get the most out of your applications.

5. Reduce Spending

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to cut costs in IT because it’s less expensive than hiring full-time employees to perform more trivial tasks. Outsourcing also allows you to draw on specialised skills you may not need full-time. About 60% of outsourcing is connected to IT needs. Similarly, 59% of organisations state that cutting costs was their top reason for outsourcing.

Outsourcing application support also saves money by improving in-house employees’ efficiency. They no longer need to troubleshoot application issues and monitor, meaning they can create greater value within the company by shifting their focus to more strategic projects, increasing productivity and efficiency. By partnering with Integrove we will ensure we deliver the best value to you within your budget.


Application support is a vital aspect of any organisation. By shifting incident management responsibilities and monitoring to a third party you will ensure improved services and performance of your application environment. In addition, you will also alleviate operational pressure on your in-house employees, allowing them to focus on building your organisation of the future.

At Integrove we focus on enabling digital solutions in any enterprise. With years of experience across multiple industries and geographies, our ability to architect and successfully deliver digital solutions ensures we can support our clients to drive real business value through the use of technology.

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