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We drive innovation with our clients through a journey of rethinking the art of the possible, using transformative digital technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. We help our clients reimagine how they do things by applying the latest digital technologies to transform and move their business forward…..

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What it’s like working for Integrove

Wanda Shingange Testimonial home page
Head of Integration

“Integrove has created an environment that allowed me to evolve and continuously learn. There are always new and exciting challenges that come my way. When I make mistakes, I get a sense of relief in knowing that not only will I learn from them, I will get constructive criticism and encouragement to keep going. There is an incredible support structure from top to bottom, and this is one of the reasons I wake up every day and look forward to conquering the day. Everyone here is enthusiastic and passionate about technology! It is not only contagious but convinces me more every day that there is no better place to be than at Integrove”.
Wanda Shingange
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Shaneé van Schalkwyk Testimonial home page
Change Management Analyst

“I’ve worked at Integrove for 3 years now and it has honestly been one of the greatest experiences. Integrove has an amazing culture, great growth and some of the best technical minds. We have delivered some amazing projects, won an award and will continue to achieve great things as a company and a team. Representing Integrove is truly an honour.”
Shaneé van Schalkwyk
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Craig Boorsma Testimonial home page
Web Applications Developer

“From the family orientated culture where I was quickly embraced, to using the latest technology, this was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone is encouraged to help and learn from each other and management is always there to assist you along the way. With Integrove I have endless possibilities to grow.”
Craig Boorsma
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