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Addressing the tech skills gap in mining

Addressing the tech skills gap in mining

Bianca Visagie
19 August 2021

In an article published by Mining Weekly a considerable tech skills gap in the mining industry is investigated. A recent survey done by Hogan Lovells has found that the tech skills gap is a big risk to mining. Today we’ll be addressing the tech skills gap in mining by taking a look at what Integrove can offer.

Addressing the tech skills gap in mining

Integrove can bridge the tech skills gap in mining through four approaches. These approaches can also address some of the mining risks South African mines face, as discussed in Three Major Mining Trends in SA.

Data and computer science graduates

Data and computer science graduates are in demand in the mining industry. This is mainly due to a shift in the mining communities towards more environmentally friendly practices and social sustainability. Mines are now under pressure to obtain a social license to operate. The adoption of new technology is therefore crucial, which is where data and computer science specialists come in.

Developing technology that leads to environmentally sustainable mines needs to be a priority. However, to develop new technology the mining industry needs more data and computer science graduates. Integrove’s Internship program aims to close this gap by giving students the opportunity to gain experience through a well-rounded program supported by mentors and coaches. The goal of the program is to upskill competent young adults to shape them into future leaders, specialists and key figures. Throughout this program, students are involved in multiple mining projects where they can build skills and gain experience.

By providing graduates with an opportunity to gain real-life work experience, we help them build a strong foundation and cultivate innovative data and computer science specialists that can make a worthwhile contribution to the mining industry.

Automation and digitisation

There has been a recent push for automation and digitisation in the mining industry. Automation and digitisation can help mines to reach their full potential. Therefore mines would be able to operate more efficiently, smarter and safer.

An example of this in the mining industry is three-dimensional modelling, virtual reality, and augmented reality to visualise mining systems. Similarly, geospatial data can be used to virtually construct buildings, plants, and mines. In addition, the ability to upskill and train mining employees will help solve problems, generate digital reports and monitor facilities.

At Integrove we specialise in digital solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Through our expert integration strategies and solution architecture, we can ensure your business rises to the top. We can build holistic views of all your data, which aids efficiency. Our well-thought-out technology strategies lead to better decision-making and sustainability.

Addressing the tech skills gap in mining

Data Analytics

Data is key for mines. However, most mines lack the skills to collect and analyse large amounts of data. Therefore if mines want to implement a more environmentally and socially sustainable approach, along with automation and digitisation, they would require data to make decisions and improve technologies. Therefore, it is crucial for mining companies to have real-time or near-real-time data analytics. Additionally, data analytics can ensure well-informed decision-making and predictive insights. This will lead to better risk management, and waste management and help them maximise productivity, reliability, and safety while minimising the likely hood of catastrophic events, outages, emissions, and costs.

Mining companies collect huge amounts of data from their equipment and operations. By outsourcing data analytics services mines can reap the following benefits:

  • Integrated real-time resource planning;
  • Predictive maintenance;
  • Adaptive mine planning;
  • Maintenance artisan assist;
  • Shorter interval control;
  • and many more.

Integrove’s skilled data analysts, engineers, and scientists can ensure that mines have access to their data and that their data can be used to inform decision-making.

Workforce Digital Enablement

Mine site work execution processes are predominately paper-based recorded activities and manual process executions. These activities range from work orders, maintenance activities, inspections sheets, measurements capturing, risk assessments, controls activities, safety and risk assessments, and many more.

However, paper volumes are harmful to the environment and susceptible to loss/damage of captured results. Paper-based data is also difficult to consolidate and it is difficult to understand business intelligence without performing post-data capturing activities.

This then drives the need for digital transformation and enablement of these processes and data ingestions.

Integrove specializes in creating, combining and deploying Digitized Mine Workforce applications and process solutions that enable the seamless near-to-real-time executions and management of work on the mine sites by the Artisans, Planners, Coordinators, and Supervisors.

This includes customized web and mobile applications and processes, that optimize and streamline the work identification, validations, executions, and completions times and quality. This then enables digital results ready for business intelligence and data analysis.

Mobile Applications are also fully capable to execute in an “offline” mode where there is no network connectivity and simply synchronize data/results as soon as the network is online.

From data science and analytics to app development and deployment, we’ve got you covered. Let us help your mine rise to the top with our specialists in data analytics, application development, integration and more.

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