A Microsoft-Powered Approach to Business Intelligence

Data is a crucial part of modern businesses. Data is used to make decisions, identify trends, and create insights to improve products and services. Data is an invaluable asset for businesses, but it can also be a liability if not managed properly.

The Crucial Data Challenges

Data is captured in different systems, creating a web of complexity. Management often yearns for insights into their operations, whether it’s operational efficiency, diagnostics, or more. The challenge begins with consolidating data from diverse sources into a central repository. Now that the data resides there, a new puzzle emerges – making sense of it.

Data can be a double-edged sword, serving as both an asset and a liability when not managed effectively. To solve the data challenges you need to invest in data infrastructure, create data governance policies, and hire analysts to help make sense of the data.

Exploring Business Intelligence: A Microsoft-Powered Approach

Business Intelligence, fuelled by Microsoft’s suite of powerful tools, can guide you towards data-driven excellence. It’s a technology-driven approach designed to analyse data and deliver actionable insights to executives, managers, and employees. Business Intelligence aims to boost revenue, improve operational efficiency, and transform raw data into actionable insights.

Microsoft Approach to Business Intelligence

How does Business Intelligence work?

The Business Intelligence workflow can be broken down into four key steps:

1. Collect and transform data from multiple sources

Business intelligence tools typically extract, transform, and load data from multiple sources into one central location so that the data is easy to access and analyse.

2. Uncover trends and inconsistencies

Data is analysed to find patterns and outliers, which leads to insights into the current state of the organisation.

3. Data visualisation

Data visualisation is used to present findings. This provides organisations with reports that are easy to understand and share.

4. Take action on insights

Once an organisation has access to current and historical data, they can make better and faster decisions.

The Intersection of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at Integrove

Data doesn’t just exist in isolation; it’s distributed across various systems and platforms. Imagine a mining operation where the management needs insights into the efficiency of their trucks, diagnostic information, and much more. Our first step is to centralise this data, making it accessible. With the data now at our fingertips, the process continues with data modelling to represent your business and requirements accurately. This data modelling is crucial when we want to measure specific aspects like how much tonnage a truck can carry.

Hybrid models become paramount for industries like mining, where both data analytics and business intelligence play essential roles. We offer self-service BI, allowing you to craft your reports or build them for you, streamlining the decision-making process. Augmenting data with relevant information, such as HR data, is a seamless addition.

But our capabilities don’t stop at reporting; we dive into data diagnostics, utilising AI and machine learning to build predictive models, transforming a reactive approach into a proactive one. For instance, fatigue monitoring for operators becomes possible, a feat once considered impossible.

Yet, challenges persist. Data can be inaccurate, creating significant hurdles. This is where data governance comes into play, ensuring data quality improvement through a structured framework.

How Integrove Can Elevate Your Business Intelligence

As a recognized Microsoft Partner, Integrove stands at the forefront of the digital transformation wave. Our partnership with Microsoft is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled solutions to clients.

While Business Intelligence is at the core of our approach, it’s essential to recognise the wide array of Microsoft tools that make it all possible. From Azure Synapse to Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning to Azure Purview, our arsenal of tools extracts, transforms, and loads data from various sources, regardless of its structure. This dynamic array of tools ensures that we can harness both structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, providing a holistic view of your business landscape.


Expertise in Microsoft

Our Microsoft experts are backed by extensive training and real-world experience. They are adept at leveraging the full potential of Microsoft. From crafting tailored dashboards that present data compellingly to devising intricate data models that unearth hidden insights, our experts are turning Business Intelligence from a buzzword into a tangible asset for businesses worldwide.

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