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Why UI and UX are Important in 2020

why UI and UX are important

Leigh Le Roux
1 December 2020

2020 has led to an increase in online businesses which means that UI and UX are becoming increasingly important. UI is User-Interface design and acts as the front door to any online store. The style of the door, the colour, and the type of handle contribute to the user’s visual experience with the online store. UX is User-Experience design, and this is about how easy it is for a user to walk through the door. UX takes the customer from the entrance to the store shelves and the check-out desk as easily as possible. 

For many people, the first time they hear of UX / UI is in the tech industry. However, if we look at the roads and rules involved with driving, we have a very real-world example of UX and UI in practice. Everyone driving on the left side of the road and how highways circle in order the turn off to the opposite side would be a display of UX. Street signs and traffic lights that communicate when you can stop and go and how to navigate the roads would be UI in action.

Why UI and UX are important in 2020

UI and UX cannot function without each other. When both are effective, we can see products that serve both the needs of the company and the needs of the users that engage with products. Here are some memes showcasing the rivalry between UX and UI designers:

How do we identify good UX Design?

UX design focuses on the interactions and experiences users have with a product. When you feel good after using an online store because it was easy to find what you wanted is an example of an effective UX design.

How do we identify good UI?

UI focuses on the visual design and typography that helps identify the brand of the company. The responsibility of UI design is to make sure the user understands what is in front of them at all times and where they can click to move forward and back through an online store.

why UI and UX are important

What happens when the UI / UX design fails?

The users get lost easily. The longer a task takes a user to perform, the more likely it is for the user to give up on executing that task. Which means that they would end up not purchasing the product. The same can be said when a company has an internal program that is used to perform work operations. The longer the task takes to complete, creates a hindrance to productivity.

Companies like Netflix and Facebook are the leaders in UI and UX design. These companies make sure that the UI / UX design is always at its best. This is achieved through changing, rethinking and advancing the platforms with new layouts.

Many companies during 2020 have closed down as the COVID-19 pandemic took away the ability to sell in person. The businesses that already had an online presence survived and even thrived. They were still able to sell products and services to their target market.

UX and UI design may be the new kids on the block for some businesses, however, there is a rising demand for these specialities.

More companies are reaping the advantages of having UX and UI design involved early on in building a new product. Not to mention, the benefits they offer throughout the process. As more innovative ideas emerge, more advancements are made in the digital space. Prioritising how users engage with products and services leads to happier clients and happier businesses.

Why UI and UX are Important at Integrove

At Integrove, we have a team of dedicated professionals who represent the end-user in the planning and development of our products. The primary objective is to ensure that the relationship between the gears and the drivers of our applications are successful. We aim to deliver maximum usability, minimum friction and overall user fulfilment.

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