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Operational Readiness Solutions: Improved Start-up Effectiveness of Mining Projects

At Integrove, our focus is on delivering a niche framework for Operational- and Maintenance Readiness planning services designed for various mining companies. What sets us apart is our unique delivery model, distinctive data taxonomies, real-time reporting capabilities, and advanced information management skills. Combining our strategic understanding of stakeholder management, a detailed communication plan and the on-site operational knowledge of our experts, we have consistently provided effective operational readiness solutions to our clients.

Operational Readiness in Mining

The Business Challenge

In a mining project undertaken during the execution phase, we identified significant challenges stemming from the absence of Operational and Maintenance Readiness planning during the feasibility phase. The lack of accountability and ineffective communication led to project delays, overspending, and difficulties in obtaining a comprehensive overview of project readiness across various domains.

What We Did

We tackled the challenge by engaging stakeholders, conducting workshops, and performing an Operational Readiness Gap analysis. Our operational readiness solutions included dedicated activity trackers, Maintenance Readiness reports, and an integrated schedule, emphasising a collaborative approach to resource planning and information integration.

The Results

Our delivery model improved the utilisation of operationally ready equipment, compliance with licenses, and alignment with organisational values. Success was achieved through effective change management and communication, leaving a lasting impact on the mining project and positioning us as a valuable partner for companies in the industry.

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Challenges in Operational Readiness Solutions

A lack of accountability and communication limited progress and prevented the project team from executing proper resource planning. The delayed mitigation of project risks led to schedule slippage and overspending, among others.

The project team encountered challenges as a result of extensive manual efforts undertaken during the procurement and detailed design phases. They focused on multiple engineering disciplines (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Control & Instrumentation) as well as other project management deliverables, making it hard to obtain one clear picture of how ready they were for both operations and maintenance to start.

Another significant challenge included shifting from a reactive management mindset to being proactive in addressing project activities and risks upfront. After scrutinising the Operational Readiness Gap analysis, it became clear we had to provide a strong plan for Operational Readiness and Maintenance Readiness. The goal was to equip the project manager with adequate tools and methods to ensure the project progressed according to approved schedules and budget specifications.

Operational Readiness Solutions

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The results of our operational readiness solutions

Despite initiation during the execution phase, the project successfully delivered operational readiness solutions through the following:

Effective Delivery

Our delivery model captured, monitored, facilitated, and mitigated operational end-state requirements, emphasising high levels of engagement, skills, and knowledge.

Utilisation of Operational Readiness Equipment

The project ensured the utilisation of operationally ready equipment, capable of safely meeting production schedules and adhering to project plans.

Establish necessary systems and procedures

Critical attention was given to establishing and deploying necessary systems and processes, ensuring operational readiness and compliance with operating licenses, and organisational values.

Stakeholder Ownership & Buy-In

The project achieved success by embedding a sense of ownership and buy-in among key stakeholders through effective change management and communication techniques.

Timely and Safe

The integrated approach resulted in the project’s timely and safe execution, consistently meeting production requirements while aligning with overarching organisational end-user objectives.

Lasting Impact and Industry Value

Our innovative digital-driven approach left a lasting impact on the mining project, solidifying their position as a valuable partner for mining companies navigating the ever-evolving industry landscape.

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