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Integrove named Top Cloud Solutions Provider in South Africa for 2022

Top Cloud Solutions Provider

We are proud to announce that we have been named one of the Top Cloud Solutions Providers in South Africa for 2022 by CIO Review. CIO Review sat down with Costa Caravotas, Managing Director at Integrove, Dries van Jaarsveld, CTO at Integrove, and Rory McCrindle, Head of Technology Consulting & Cloud at Integrove, to discuss how we take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity and how we make digital innovation accessible to every business.

Our digital innovation as a top cloud solutions provider

As a top cloud solutions provider our experience spans across multiple industries and geographies. We deliver scalable, world-class digital solutions to streamline business process, enhance efficiency and drive real business value through the use of technology.

Top Cloud Solutions Provider

How we’re making a difference in the industry

Our strategic partnerships (such as Microsoft and Outsystems) and clientele have allowed us to be involved in industry-shifting work that challenges traditional thinking. Working with a global regulator has allowed us to be at the forefront of an entire industry’s vertical that spans multiple geographies and entity types.

Unfortunately, many industries have not aged well at the enterprise level or have aggressively tight margins to work with, and that’s where we help companies take full advantage of the elasticity of cloud to make digital innovation practical and accessible for everyone, even the non-enterprise clients.

How we’re connecting the digital dots as top cloud solutions provider

Navigating changing technology stacks and picking the right fit-for-purpose technology can sometimes feel like a minefield. The right technology can make the difference between a good spend value exchange/ bang for your buck vs locking yourself into some serious long-term technical debt. We simplify environments and help clients navigate these waters, connecting fit-for-purpose digital technologies to solve complex internal business challenges.

How we deliver projects on different integration platforms

Our projects have a key focus on using transformative digital technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences while being data mindful when solutioning either hybrid, cloud or on-prem. It’s not always going to be a straightforward or pure SaaS/PaaS fit and there is still a practical need to have cloud-to-site integration patterns alongside the cloud-to-cloud, as some universal laws of integration still apply.

How we’re ensuring success

Many businesses want to be innovative but struggle to accept that most innovations fail. Purposely engineering for success to us means leading first with design thinking and a service design approach, augmenting that with functional domain experts. This approach can significantly improve the success rate of innovation. Purposeful means that it’s focused on specific business values and outcomes.

Our services

Our success in the mining industry

We’ve recently had success in driving technology innovation within the mining industry, which historically was an industry not seen as being at the forefront of technology innovation, but that has changed in the last few years.

Digitisation in mining

One scenario that we can elaborate on involves field worker digitization. Traditionally field workers have been reliant on manual paper-intensive processes to complete and capture feedback on their daily work. This often has resulted in administration overhead in distributing, completing and capturing this information into multiple back-office systems, as well as being an overall inefficient and manual process.

Utilizing Cloud and Mobile Device technology, we have been able to implement solutions that digitize these manual paper-based processes, enabling mining and engineering field workers to capture feedback on their work activities in a streamlined digital manner. This has assisted in speeding up the entire process and brought the added benefit of presenting new insights to the business that was previously not available, all delivered through modern cloud-deployed data analytics solutions.

Why should you choose Integrove?

We were on the front lines of assisting our clients in the early days of the pandemic with quick track-and-trace solutions. We enabled clients to manage their operational risks during the pandemic, which is a real testament to how quickly you can pull solutions together using cloud and its vast recipe book. We used the hyper accessibility of the cloud to our advantage, and we can do the same for you.

We also employ industry-specific specialists that are functional domain experts to work with the technical delivery teams and customers, reinforcing our commitment to driving meaningful change and value within our clients.

We drive innovation with our clients through a journey of rethinking the art of the possible, using transformative digital technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. Contact us today to find out how we can make cloud technologies work for you.

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