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From Intern to Data Analyst

from intern to data analyst

Zanele Mposula
10 June 2021

Being a corporate newcomer

Zanele Mpos

I started my journey at Integrove as an intern, fresh from university, with zero experience of how the corporate world worked. The scariest part of my internship was that I was part of the Data Analytics team, something I knew very little about since I was an Information Systems graduate. However, I reminded myself that I was a fast learner and that I could grow in this space.

The greatest thing about Integrove was the people and the type of environment that exists within the company. I had the opportunity to learn and familiarize myself with the tools that are used within the Data Analytics space. Members of the team were very open and allowed me to take part in their projects. That was how I became familiar with some of the tools, such as SSMS and Power BI. It also gave me some sense of responsibility in the team.

From Intern to Data Analyst

After 3 months of serving as an intern at Integrove, I was offered a permanent position as a Junior Data Analyst. This was around the same time I got involved in my first real project, which is one of Integrove’s big projects for De Beers. It was an interesting time as I became more engaged and responsible. I took on the role of principal Power BI report developer for the project.

The role was not easy to adjust to as I needed to think outside the box. I had to not only think like a developer but also think like a user. We had to deliver something of value, not only to the eye but also in terms of usability. As a Power BI novice, this was frustrating. Thanks to the assistance of my mentor and project lead, Violet Tlou, each day and each iteration of the report design became better than the last one. Before I knew it, I was engaging with stakeholders. The process was amazing, but also nerve-racking.

Being hands-on with stakeholders really gave my confidence a boost and allowed me to have a sense of accountability. It allowed me to really grow within this space. With proper guidance and a nudge in the right direction, my communication skills have improved a great deal. I am more open to taking up tasks independently. I want to complete a task in the shortest time possible, as well as giving myself enough time to upskill.

from intern to data analyst

Growing with Integrove

Integrove allowed me to grow at a very reasonable pace, not only for the company’s benefit but also for my personal growth. Through its commitment to individual growth, I have managed to acquire Udemy certificates to grow my profile; The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert, and Mastering Data Modeling Fundamentals. Being a part of this wonderful organization gave me a head start to become one of the best in the industry.

Looking back at how I started as an intern to where I am today; I am confident that I am where I was meant to be. I have fallen in love with my role as a Business Intelligence Reporter and its responsibilities. It’s amazing how one can grow within a period of a year. I am grateful to be where I am today.

You can join our amazing team and start your own journey within one of our capabilities. Integrove is indeed committed to helping you grow and become a better version of yourself.

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