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Experiencing the Integrove Internship Program

Wanda Shingange
13 October 2020

Integrove Internship Program

Integrove started the internship programme in August 2017. The aim was to discover new talent with a unique perspective and insight into the current IT trends. Being knowledgeable on the latest trends and discovering new ways to solve problems is one of Integrove’s key differentiators. We hire candidates who were eager to learn, ready to work, and needed a platform to prove their value. To date, Integrove has hired 92% of the interns and graduates full-time. This illustrates that Integrove believes in guiding young talent to becoming impeccable professionals.

The program is a great way for candidates to get professional experience in a particular field. Integrove gives interns the opportunity to explore our different capabilities, which allows them to figure out what type of job they want. We provide mentorship during the period and assign tasks and responsibilities best suited to their strengths. We also push for them to discover new strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Individuals get periodic feedback on their progress during the program. This win-win situation allows the individuals to stay motivated and work on their shortfalls. It allows us as Integrove to improve on how we carry out the program and grow in the bigger picture.

Here are some of the testimonials from our former interns:

Integrove Internship Program

Shaun Sebesho: Junior Developer

The Integrove internship program has been the most unique experience I have ever had. Through this internship, I was able to learn about different exciting technologies. I was able to make a direct impact on how the company grows, and I developed relationships with professionals.

Each day brought different circumstances and I had the opportunity to make decisions and learn from my successes and failures. This opportunity did not only expose me to the industry but had a major impact in shaping my career. The program equipped me with rare skills that I would not have been exposed to anywhere else.

Integrove Internship Program

Nomonde Makgare: Junior Developer

The Integrove internship program had high demands, but I had the opportunity to learn new technologies. I took the challenges as they came, from developing to documenting, as well as fitting into the Integrove culture.

I was assessed on my contributions to projects and on how well I got along with the team. My team leads have always been so positive and encourage finding balance in everything.

The biggest long-term impact that any internship or job can have on a person, is the people that you meet. Additionally, I had a present team who were always willing to help, which made the process even better. The team works hard to empower us and I learn something new every week.

10 months later, as I am still on a journey of self and career discovery, API development was never really something Iā€™d opted for, but this whole experience has really changed my perspective on it and I am really enjoying it thus far.

Emmanuel Maleme: Junior Developer

The Integrove internship gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills through real work practical experience. As a fresh graduate stepping into a corporate environment, I did not know what to expect and my studies had not equipped me to tackle the challenges I would face

During the internship program, I was shown how to handle challenges and deal with clients at a professional level. I was also challenged a lot through my work assignments, which broaden my critical thinking skills.  Additionally, I learned about the importance of delivering top-class work to the client at all times and taking pride in the work you deliver, the level of your work says a lot about your drive and determination to succeed.

My biggest challenge as an intern was not being taken seriously because I was young, inexperienced and clueless about the environment. However, I had to overcome my lack of knowledge about the technology tools used to deliver high-end, quality applications or APIs to the client. But, the support I received from my mentor and co-workers gave me the edge to push through and work extra hard. I am where I am today because, through the Integrove internship programme, I built up a vast skillset and improved my communication skills.

I would recommend graduates apply for the Integrove internship programme as you will get a chance to explore a real work environment and learn new technologies.


The Integrove Internship programs are a good opportunity for graduates to get real industry and workplace exposure. The program presents unique challenges and gives interns the flexibility and opportunity to demonstrate their work abilities.

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