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Celebrating 10 Years of Integrove: A Tribute to Our Incredible Integroovies!

10 Years of Integrove

We’re celebrating 10 years of Integrove! As we mark a decade of innovation, growth, and success, we want to reflect on the journey that brought us here. While milestones and achievements are certainly cause for celebration, it’s the people behind Integrove who truly define our legacy. As we celebrate a decade of services, we want to shine a spotlight on the heartbeat of our organisation: our dedicated and passionate Integroovies!

10 Years of Integrove

Gordon Matshwane – Senior Software Engineer

“Reflecting on my 5-year journey with Integrove, it’s been an incredible ride of growth, learning, and innovation. From tackling complex client challenges to driving impactful solutions, every day has been a testament to our commitment to excellence in technological solutions. Here’s to a decade of success, and to many more years of shaping the future together.”

Jonathan Mayunga – Senior Software Engineer

“My journey with Integrove has been one of learnership, bugs, support, laughter, confusion and growth, not just on the technical level but beyond that. When I look back my time at Integrove has been marked by the culture, nurture and above all the people.

Integrove people are magical, challenging, curious and someone you can count on when you need help. I know they are the best people I have met in my career, the people who can be the Cisco to your Barry Allen. I have met and learned from some amazing developers, even though some of them support Man United.

Integrove is a place where you meet people that help you discover who you are, and it’s a place where people care.”

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Women's Day 2023

Shaneé Swanepoel – Change Manager & Training Lead

“I started my journey with Integrove as the 11th employee, initially assuming the role of a junior developer/administrator. As our projects evolved, I transitioned into the realm of change management, taking on the responsibilities of a trainer. Engaging extensively with our clients on-site, I dedicated myself to project growth and client collaboration. In response to the increasing popularity of our applications and the company’s expansion, I assumed a dual role as a support agent while continuing my training responsibilities.

With the expansion of our support team, I was allowed to transition away from support functions, allowing me to concentrate solely on change management and training. My dedication and contributions led to my promotion to Change Management and Training Lead, allowing me to cultivate my team and impart the knowledge accumulated over the years.

It might sound cliché, but the adage holds true: when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

Working at Integrove has exposed me to the intricacies that define our identity as a team and a company. This sentiment encapsulates my experience at Integrove. The organization has been supportive of my aspirations, enabling me to explore new directions in my career and pursue relevant courses. Integrove, in essence, has become my extended family, a sentiment for which I am profoundly grateful.”

10 Years of Integrove: Get to Know Our Integroovies!

Celebrating 10 Years of Integrove!

At Integrove, we believe that our success is deeply rooted in the commitment, talent, and passion of our team members. Each testimonial shared above is a testament to the vibrant culture, dedication to excellence, and supportive environment that defines Integrove.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every member of the Integrove family—past and present—for their invaluable contributions. Together, we have built a legacy of innovation, collaboration, and growth, and we look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Here’s to the next decade of success, innovation, and making a difference together!

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