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2023’s Top UI/UX Design Trends and Predictions

UI/UX Design Trends

Bianca Visagie
2 February 2023

The UI/UX space is constantly evolving, and as developers and designers it’s important to keep up to date with new trends. Some UI/UX design trends for 2023 include augmented reality, glassmorphism, AI driven design, and personalisation. We’ll take a look at all of these, plus some more in this blog post. Let’s hop in!

Why do you need to pay attention to trends?

The latest design elements and technological advancements shape the way users interact with digital products. Therefore they should shape the way designers and developers think about those products. Good designs and easy-to-use interfaces are part of the recipe for success.

However, blindly following UI/UX design trends might not always be what’s best for your company. It’s important to consider the needs of your company and users when selecting which trends to go with.

UI/UX Design Trends

UI/UX design trends to keep an eye on

Mixed reality/VR/Augmented reality

The Metaverse might have stagnated, but Virtual Reality Gaming is still alive and well. VR tech works, and it’s likely it will become more accessible to the everyday user. Augmented reality is already successfully being used by everyday users, such as Apple’s Measure App and Snapchat/Instagram filters. AR/VR allows for 3D design, which creates a whole new level of user experience to take into account when designing.


Glassmorphism uses the properties of glass to enhance designs. Certain elements, usually on bright backgrounds, are given a translucent look and feel. This trend was made popular by brands such as Apple, which makes use of blurred backgrounds and transparency.

Glassmorphism creates a minimalistic look and keeps users engaged and inspired. However, it’s important to note that Glassmorphism can create readability problems and can cause slow load speeds. It’s best to use this effect sparingly.

Interactive prototypes

Figma has arguably changed the way designers approach prototyping. Explaining abstract ideas can be tough, but interactive prototypes can help you convey your ideas. Interactive prototypes show how the final version of the app will work. Figma introducing features like spring animations allows for easy prototype creation.

Design for Video

TikTok has made short-form videos a part of our daily lives. Integration of video content into websites and mobile apps is nothing new however, consumers are now being overloaded with content. As designers, it’s integral to understand which content is relevant to your consumers and to ensure video is incorporated into good designs.

AI-Driven Design

Will AI replace designers and copywriters? No, but it will change the way we work. Language models like ChatGPT can be used to help designers think creatively and generate new ideas.

One major way for UI/UX designers to use AI is by generating user messages and copy. It can aid designers who are not UX writers, or when writing requirements aren’t clear. However, it is important to be wary of plagiarism and keep Google’s helpful content update in mind.


By 2025, all member states of the EU need to fully observe the European Accessibility Act. This means that companies will need to adopt accessibility standards applicable to various web & mobile applications. Even if you’re not part of the EU, it’s good practice to ensure that your designs apply accessibility standards. Things such as larger fonts and accessible colours are a good place to start.

From XD to Figma

Designing for low-code is still relatively new, but platforms such as Figma and Webflow are paving the way. With Adobe’s acquisition of Figma, we can expect to see an increase in features. We’ll probably see a migration from Adobe XD to Figma, as Figma is superior in prototyping and collaboration.

UI/UX Design Trends with Integrove

These are our predicted UI/UX Design Trends for 2023. It’s important to keep these trends in mind, as your user’s first impression of your website or app is rooted in UI/UX design.

As a top technology solutions company we lead with design thinking and a service design approach. We strive to stay on top of trends to ensure any design work we do for you meets industry and user standards.

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