UI / UX Design

At Integrove, we have a team of dedicated professionals who represent the end-user in the planning and development of our products. The primary objective is to ensure that the relationship between the gears and the drivers of our applications are purposely engineered for success. We aim to deliver maximum usability, minimum friction and overall user fulfilment. This is attained through two main principles: User Interface and User Experience Design.

User Interface Design:

This is the face of the technology. It creates an interactive layer of input and output devices that allows communication between the user and the system. This calls for the thoughtful implementation of visual design elements, content design, layout and usability considerations.

User Experience Design:

This pumps life into technology as the heart and essence of human-computer interaction. It takes a step back from tangible components and taps into a realm of insightful observation to connect with the user on an emotional level. This practice involves behavioral psychology, information architecture and the careful application of research-based philosophies. 

Our devoted designers employ these and other user-centric practices to inject meaning into user-system interactions. We aim to uplift, empower and encourage users to fully utilize the software we develop, and to ultimately and radically boost the businesses behind it.

We keep our users top of mind by designing solutions that aren’t only functional but practical to use.

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