Cloud and Data Analytics

The Integrove Cloud and Data Analytics capability is focused on delivering end-to-end, value-driven, complex, and business-critical solutions to our clients, using various technologies as enablers to stay competitive and innovative.

Cloud computing analytics helps streamline the process of gathering, integrating, analyzing, and presenting insights to enhance business decision-making.

How cloud and data analytics work:

Cloud analytics has proven to be a faster way to gain business-critical insight for decision-making. In other words, cloud analytics works by allowing a business to use the advanced data analytics tools available to analyze large quantities of data.

The key enablers to unlock business value include:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Modeling and Data Management
  • Cloud and Analytics Programme and Project Management
  • Data Integration and Transformation (Edge Computing, IoT, Data Engineering, Time Series Data)
  • Data Warehousing, BI, and App Development
  • Platform Architecture (DataOps, Infrastructure as Code, Data Security, etc.)
  • Solution Architecture based on Industry Specific Solutions

The importance of cloud analytics:

As companies rely more on data and analytics to streamline processes and make more informed decisions, an increasing number of organisations are turning to cloud analytics. For instance, cloud analytics can launch analytics solutions faster while reducing IT costs. In short, cloud-based analytics help organisations compete more effectively.

In other words, cloud analytics makes it much easier to implement, manage and access analytics for all users. Therefore, organisations no longer need to worry about costly infrastructure or software updates. As a result, more focus is on the insights from analytics to make better business decisions.

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Cloud and Data Analytics

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