The benefits of a graduate program

Leatitia Smits
1 June 2020

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The transition from student to full-time employee can be overwhelming. Not knowing what to expect and having limited experience can leave you anxious and doubting your ability to perform. Graduate programs help bridge this gap by providing you with ample support and the opportunity to learn without feeling like you have an axe hanging over your head should you make a mistake. After all, mistakes are inevitable and form the foundation of learning and improvement.

The Challenges

While graduating and landing your first job are great achievements. Fresh graduates are bound to encounter some challenges in the transition from student to becoming a young professional in the working world. Some of these challenges include:

  • Your studies have not prepared you for everything

Different companies have different ways of doing things and use technologies that you may have never encountered, figuring out the processes and procedures is challenge number one. Secondly, you may have theoretical knowledge but applying that knowledge to a real-world situation is not always as easy as it looks, and mistakes no longer just affect your grades they affect your team and the company.

  • Criticism

No one is perfect and improvement is part of the journey. Regardless of how flawless you try to be criticism will come your way at some point. It is important to take it in your stride and grow from it.

  • Lack of experience

As mentioned above, applying what you have learned in university to real-life situations isn’t always straightforward and there are many things they do not cover in your syllabus that you now need to know in order to fulfill your duties as an employee.

  • Time management

As a student your day is flexible and mostly structured by what you decide to do, with relatively few consequences should you wish to skip class for example. However, as an employee your day is a lot more ridge, you are expected to work your 8 hours a day, meet strict deadlines, and perform your tasks in a timely manner.

The Benefits of a Graduate Program

When entering a graduate program, the company understands the above challenges and your lack of experience. They provide you with the support and guidance to navigate this unfamiliar territory, as well as provide you with many opportunities to learn in a safe and authentic work environment.

The advantages of a graduate program include:

  • A good level of support when starting your career
  • Training and development opportunities
  • A mentor or team members to talk through any problems
  • The opportunity to study for a professional qualification
  • The chance to rotate through different departments and gain experience of different functions

Integrove’s graduate program

Integrove’s Graduate program provides an opportunity to join a diverse team of innovators and problem-solvers, who will support and mentor you, as well as help develop your skills on your path to becoming a professional in your chosen field.

“We are always looking for the best and brightest technology talent to support our growing partner and client portfolio. We are looking for highly motivated people to join our team.” Says Wanda Shingange, head of Integration at Integrove. Wanda also heads up the graduate program at Integrove and further explains the advantages of joining Integrove as a grad.

  • Impact

Because we are such a young and dynamic team, the presence and effort of every individual is recognized and acknowledged, you not here just to learn and add to the number, but you are here to also contribute and share your knowledge

  • Flexibility

Every individual is different and we understand that and encourage diversity not only for each individual to be themselves but to thrive in the open, friendly environment that we have

  • Teamwork and Exposure

Integrove only hires people who are passionate about integration, technology, and innovation. Everyone knows the people around them and we work as a team and we feed off and rely on each other’s strengths in order to learn and gain knowledge

  • Challenges

With passion comes challenges that encourage us to become better and better at what we do. That is what sets us apart from the rest.

Shival Ramkelawan, a former Integrove graduate who has subsequently assumed a permanent position as Assistant Analyst, explains his experience of the Integrove graduate program. “The Integrove graduate program gave me the opportunity to broaden my skillset and equipped me to competently approach and solve challenges I was faced with at work. Throughout the program, I was guided and offered help by all my colleagues, who were always happy to assist wherever possible.

Collaboration and networking provided an open working platform with rich knowledge sharing. The structured program greatly assisted in professional development and aided in equipping me with the relevant skills and techniques to successfully engage with clients and colleagues on a professional level.

I would highly recommend the Integrove graduate program to future graduates as it allows one to experience responsibility and creative freedom, but also provides sufficient guidance and support to help them thrive. The Programme also allows for interaction with various stakeholders and reputable and recognized companies.”

Find out how you can apply for Integrove’s graduate program.

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