About Us

At Integrove we focus on enabling digital solutions in the enterprise. With years of experience across multiple industries and geographies, our ability to architect and successfully deliver digital solutions, ensures we can support our clients to drive real business value through the use of technology.

We do this by designing, building and implementing modern technology solutions that seamlessly integrate applications and business processes across the enterprise.

Our skilled teams, spanning multiple technology disciplines, are able to deliver end-to-end solutions in an integrated and agile manner.

We drive innovation with our clients through a journey of rethinking the art of the possible, using transformative digital technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. We help our clients reimagine how they do things by applying the latest digital technologies in order to transform and move their business forward.

Meet the Management Team

Costa Caravotas-Managing Director
Costa Caravotas
Managing Director
Dries van Jaarsveld-Director & CTO
Dries van Jaarsveld
Director & CTO
Pretesh Chhiba-Director & HR
Pretesh Chhiba
Director & HR
Christopher Johnson - Head of Process & Delivery
Christopher Johnson
Head of Process & Delivery
Danie Roodt-Head of Cloud & Data Analytics
Danie Roodt
Head of Cloud & Data Analytics
Aston Motsau-Head of Applications
Aston Motsau
Head of Applications
Wanda Shingange-Head of Integration
Wanda Shingange
Head of Integration
Jehane Marais-Head of Partners, Products and Support
Jehane Marais
Head of Partners, Products and Support

Some of our clients

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